18th World Congress Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Associate Professor, PhD Hanna Fadieieva and assistant PhD Olha Chernatska participated in 18th World Congress Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease which took place in December  03-06, 2020.

Conference winners!

Eboson Sandra Uchechukwu and Mc-Cujo Paul (5-year students) participated in the International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists «BIOMEDICAL PERSPECTIVES II» in October 20-22 in Sumy under the advisor of assistant Chernatska O.M. and received the diploma of II degree in Clinical medical sciences session after online oral presentation called «Comparison of different scores for evaluation of the  severity of community-acquired pneumonia».

88th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress

Assistant Chernatska O.M. participated in 88th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress which took place in October 04-07, 2020 as a presenter of e-Poster called "Relationship between proatherogenic orientation and uricemia in patients with arterial hypertension and coexistent type 2 diabetes mellitus" and received 25 CME-credits.

European Gastroenterology Week

Assistant of the Department, gastroenterologist of the University Clinic of SSU, PhD Nataliia Kuchma, participated in the European Gastroenterology Week (EUG Week 2020). The event was organized by the European Gastroenterology Organization. The latest discoveries and modern implementations on the treatment and prevention diseasesof the digestive system were presented at the international conference.

Participation in the European Congress of Endocrinologists

Associate Professor, Endocrinologist of the University Clinic SSU, MD, PhD Hanna Fadieieva participated in the 22nd Annual European Congress of Endocrinology (2020) organized by the European Association of Endocrinologists.