School of Bioethics of UCU

Publication of International Bioethics Program student Vladyslava Kachkovska and her colleagues Iryna Dudchenko, Anna Kovchun and Lyudmila Prystupa with the telling title “Why we stay” in the American journal of narrative bioethics “Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics”.
A narrative article written by a group of authors from the city of Sumy (20 km from the border with russia), who worked before the war and continue to work together. For more than ten years, the doctors have worked as a team, and during a full-scale invasion, they became an even more coherent organism.
This is a story about the difficulties they face in their daily practice within the border region, part of which was under occupation in the first months of the war.
In addition, the article talks about their internal experiences, since each of the doctors is a mother, as well as how important it is to support each other. This is a story about the transformation of relationships from purely professional to friendly, sometimes family; about their choices, which each of them made consciously.
After all, it is about love and empathy for people: for patients, for each other and for our country.
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